Coronavirus - Support and Resources

During these unprecedented times of the Coronavirus, and the partial closure of all schools, we want to be able to continue to support the positive mental health and emotional well-being of all our students and their families. Please find below a variety of resources and web links. We hope that having these available in one place can help you access them as and when required.

Information on Coronavirus

FAQ about COVID-19 for Parents/Carers -

Interactive book explaining COVID -19 for children aged 7 and under -

Support regarding a loss/bereavement during COVID-19a loss/bereavement during COVID-19 -

Information for Home Schooling

Supporting your children’s education during Coronavirus -

Government Recommended Home Learning -

Support Activities for Online Safety at home during COVID-19 -

Supporting post lockdown education -

Mental Health and Anxiety Support

NHS – Five Ways to Wellbeing -

Coping with the anxieties of Coronavirus -

7 ways to support children who are worried -

Various support websites for mental health support. - - -

7 ways to practice emotional first aid -

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed -

Family Support

Support and Advice for victims of domestic abuse -

Domestic Abuse Support at Boots Pharmacy -

Support for families going through the court system -