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Music – Our content, aims and concepts

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At Torre C of E Primary School, we aim for all children to experience, appreciate and enjoy music whilst valuing how important it can be as a form of expression throughout a person’s life. Whilst at Torre, children will undertake a curious exploration of a wide variety of musical styles, traditions and genres. We use the Charanga music programme to support our teaching. We are very fortunate to have an experienced music teacher who comes in weekly to teach samba across the school . We also offer guitar, piano and drumming lessons for individual tuition. Our children can take part in our lunchtime school choir club and the very popular ‘rock steady’ club. At the end of each year we have a musical celebration  where children showcase their musical talents across the school.

MUSIC – Examples of Music Learning Experiences at Torre (coming soon)

MUSIC – Examples of Music Learning (coming soon) 

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