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Our Performance

In July 2021, we maintained the grade of 'Good' in our OFSTED inspection; and we were graded as ‘Excellent’ in our most recent SIAMS (Church) inspection in March 2019.

Our most recent Challenge Partner Peer review took place in February 2019. This was a very positive experience and we were delighted to receive the judgement of ‘Good’ in all areas. It is always reassuring to have four senior leaders from the other schools around the country (including one with Ofsted training) to come in a support us in reviewing our school and to validate our own self-assessment. The full report is available to download below.

We were delighted that each team saw the positive impact that the provision at Torre had on the lives of the young people and families in our care.

At Torre we aspire for our children to meet and exceed their potential

  • Children join our Foundation Stage generally performing below the expected local and national average.

  • By the end of their time at Torre, the majority of children achieve or exceed the expected level.

  • We ensure children make excellent sustained progress whilst at Torre, through our careful assessment focused learning.

  • Parents can access the School Comparison Tables published on the DfE’s website via the button below;

OFSTED Report 2021

Department of Education Schools Performance Tables

SIAMS Report 2019

Primary Inspection Data Summary Report

Challenge Partner QA Review 2019 - 20

Data Headlines 2019

Results summary 2017 - 2018

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