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Parent Comments

"I decided to send my daughter to reception and I am really pleased I did. She has been supported emotionally- if she has a day when she is tired and not wanting to attend- the staff welcome her and make her feel secure. She is enjoying the curriculum, and she learns something new everyday- especially phonics. Long may this continue- thank you!"


"My child loves going to school, she is happy and content. I wouldn't want to send her to any other school."


"Fabulous school awesome teachers."


"My son struggles with his learning but the staff at Torre have been excellent at recognising his needs and supporting him. Despite his challenges he enjoys coming to school and is making good progress. The head teacher has a clear vision for the school and the staff work well as a team to support her. The school ethos is strong and the children have opportunities to develop their character and build upon the values of the school. I am very grateful to all the staff at Torre for all their hard work."


"We are really pleased with our daughter’s education and any issues have been handled extremely well. All of the staff at Torre are incredible, thank you for all you do."


"We're very impressed with the school. Thank you for all your hard work."


"Torre C of E has been an outstanding school for my child and ourselves - the parents. The class teachers, support staff and head teacher have gone above and beyond my expectations. I truly believe my child has been given the best start to his academic journey because of the work they all do."


"Very happy with the school and how they are supporting my son to make progress."


"All of the teachers I have come across have been so caring of the children and really great teachers so thank you."


"My son enjoys coming to Torre school and learning. The teachers are doing a great in supporting the needs of the children."

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