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We “Live life in all its fullness.” John 10:10.


“Our mission at Torre is to create an environment where God’s children have the right to grow, learn, feel safe and be happy. We respect and look after each other in the way that God has taught us.”


Attitudes towards respect underpin our approach and ethos, in an atmosphere of spirituality and self discovery. Only if this is the case, will all members of the school community be able to achieve their maximum potential. Bullying of any sort prevents this being able to happen and prevents equality of opportunity. It is everyone in our school community’s responsibility to prevent this happening.


There are some supporting documents attached, and please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Thomas, your SENDCo and Pastoral Lead, who is taking a lead role where children struggle with friendships and if there are any allegations or concerns with bullying. She will monitor the situation for up to six weeks initially, checking in with children and parents.


Where bullying exists, the victims must feel confident to activate the anti-bullying systems within the school to end the bullying. It is our aim to challenge attitudes about bullying behaviour, increase understanding for bullied pupils and help build an anti-bullying ethos in the school.

Anti bullying leaflet KS1

Anti bullying leaflet KS2

Anti-bullying leaflet for parents

Our Anti-bullying Policy can be found on our Policy Page here

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