Parent Comments

No everything is working well at home and lily is loving the activities. It is also helping us to keep a routine and structure at home. Thankyou!

(Nursery Parent, 2021 lockdown)


The transition to home learning has been seamless but I totally know the ‘behind the scenes’ work that has gone into this transition so I’d just like to say thank you to all involved and the amazing KS1 team.

(KS1 Parent, 2021 lockdown)


The school have done a very good supporting parents and helping them as much as possible. 'Child' is doing really well with her home learning and it was lovely for the school to ring and check how they were.

(KS1 Parent, 2021 lockdown)


I can't speak highly enough of the effort you all put in to make sure our children achieve still. Thank you isn't enough!! An incredible job done by all at Torre both pastorally and academically.

(KS2 Parent, 2021 lockdown)


Having Chromebooks has made homeschooling so much easier. The morning email telling parents what the children have been set is useful as the children often click straight on the links and don’t read the instructions. The live sessions are great. We all really appreciate what the school is doing to provide a great homeschooling service for the children. Thank you for everything you are doing, it’s great to know you are there to support 'child' and us as a family.

(KS2 Parents, 2021 lockdown)


I just wanted to thank you and let you know what a fantastic change we have seen in 'child's' attitude to reading, developing a real pleasure. I appreciate that the AR programme Torre have invested in comes at a cost but I think it has really helped support him in a positive way, along with the unwavering support from the KS2 team.

(Year 6 parent, Dec 2020)


I keep singing Torre's praises on how well you have managed lockdown/bubbles etc. Schools keeping their children safe and well is proving to have a massive positive impact on the wider community. I can only observe this in comparison to other schools and the high numbers of self isolation incidents that appear to be happening elsewhere.

(Year 3 and 6 Parent, Dec, 2020)


I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff in the nursery in supporting our son. The teachers have been absolutely amazing with him and the school has really helped us in addressing his needs.

(Nursery and year 5 parent, Sept 2020)


To the amazing staff at Torre C of E

Just a quick message to say you're all doing an amazing job that often goes unrecognised. I'm sure I say on behalf of all the parents and certainly the children, you've handled the change impeccably.

Keep up the good work and thank you for your commitment, loyalty and reliability

(Year 5 parent, Sept, 2020)


Thank you to you all - the first day was always going to be chaotic no matter what and people will always have ideas of what you should do for the best etc... It is a big deal for our 'babies' to go back especially in the current environment but knowing that they are going from our arms to yours is so reassuring for both parent and child.

(Year 5 and 2 parent, Sept, 2020)


Dear Mrs Julyan,

Thank you for all the amazing hard work you and the team at Torre have put into launching this term - the parents have spoken about how supportive you've been, even though the first drop off today was a challenging one.

Please be assured of our continuing support, prayers and desire for everything at Torre Academy to be successful

(Year 5 parent, Sept 2020)


Just a message to pass on to all staff. Firstly, 'child' has had an amazing time at Torre. You have given him the confidence to move on to secondary school... Although it has been a short time he has been with you, we know he will always have fond memories of his time with you.

(Year 6 parent, July, 2020)


Good afternoon,

Since the school was closed I have to say there has been amazing work and support from the whole of Torre.

'Child' is enjoying work and activities sent by school. He is working really hard and always says he wants his teacher to be proud of him. As his Mum, I can say that the tasks are interesting, explained well and there is always something extra to enjoy. I think Chromebook is an amazing tool and helps 'child' to keep up with all the tasks.

I can only imagine how much time and effort teachers are putting in to home school lessons and preparation. But all the lessons are interesting and I think there is no room for boredom or repetitive learning.

Being a teacher myself, I know that it is a very difficult time for schools and teachers. I can only say a massive thank you to the Torre team.

(Year 6 parent June, 2020)


Dear Sue,

I just wanted to send a personal thank you to you and your staff for hosting me for the past three days. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and Torre C of E Academy with you, your amazing staff and your AMAZING children. Please mention to them, if you can, how brilliant they are. They are confiddent, articulate, welcoming, kind, generous, hard-working and they certainly like up to the school vision by living life in all its fullness.

Lastly, to you Sue. You have an incredible school. You have so much passion for the children and staff and that shines out everywhere in your school. You clearly are an incredible leader and should be immensely proud of what you and all your team have created. The children are very lucky to attend Torre C of E Academy and they are getting a fantastic start to the educational journey. The highest praise that I can give is to say that I would love to send my 2 year old daughter to Torre.

(Head of a school visiting in Jan, 2020)


To Mrs Julyan,

Just wanted to say thank you for looking after 'child' in her primary school years. I have always been impressed by the love and support the school and the staff have given her. You have all supported her not only academically, but grown her as a person and supported her with her passion.

I will always be grateful for the part you have played in giving her the building blocks and resilience to succeed.

(Parent in Year 6)


To Mrs Julyan

Thank you for all your support and hard work with my child over the years. With your (and the teams) hard work, he has become a young man we are very proud of - Torre have allowed him to keep his 'character' while instilling the need for good behaviour and respect.

We will look back at his primary career with a smile and feel lucky that Oliver was able to attend a school that has such a warm, community feel.

(Parent in Year 6)


March 2019

Dear Mrs Julyan,

Today I was witness to what ABSOLUTELY AMAZING staff and leaders you have, it was a privilege to be part of that meeting. I was actually very moved by, and in awe of, what they all said, and the passion and care they showed. Be encouraged that you have an awesome team who value what you and the school stand for.

Thanks for all that you do.


January 2019

I just want to say thank you so much for the CBT sessions. I have found it hugely beneficial. As a parent you always worry about your children, especially in times of family disruption and upset, so to know that the school have such a focus on well-being is incredible. Thank you.


October 2018

Good evening,

I have just read the new homework policy file. I really like the idea! I think this approach to learning is fantastic. In my opinion our children need this in everyday life, a bit more focus on goal and work. I think this almost ‘sporty’ competition approach will give them motivation and strength to go an extra mile. Think this will be useful in the future and it is a needed skill in adult life.


October 2017

I wanted to write a quick message to you about skiing club today. My daughter took a tumble and I was SO impressed to see the caring attitude of the pupils who stopped to help her at the time and then continued to check on her during the session. It was very heartwarming to see these older children looking after and looking out for a younger member of the school. They are a credit to the school and themselves.


June 2016

Hi Mrs Julyan,

My wife sent the letter from Ofsted over to me yesterday – I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to you, the teachers and the governors. It’s a really phenomenal report. More importantly, we both recognise the great work you are all doing (regardless of what Ofsted think) – and our children are really happy.

Thanks again


July 2015

Well, this is it, Ella’s last few days at Torre Academy and so our family’s last ties with the school too!

11 years we have been involved with the school and what a great experience it has been for all of us.

All of Joseph’s and Ella’s teachers have been great, the education, trips, shows and experiences and friendships they have had will be long in their memories and helped shape their upbringing.

Thank you to everyone involved in making their primary school days such an enjoyable experience, we can’t remember a day when they have not wanted to go to school!

Please pass on our thanks to everyone and to you Sue, we wish you continued great success in heading up Torre Academy.


July 2015

Thanks for the meeting tonight, glad I came, really informative and interesting (the teacher side of me still loves learning about all this stuff). I know they’re putting more and more pressure on you all but your doing a fab job. Josh has made amazing progress this year. We would be lost without you all.


“Our son is very happy at school. He likes to go to school. The teacher is wonderful, the children nice and helpful. The school is very welcoming. He quickly adapted to the new environment, new friends and a new school. My husband and I are very happy with the school.”


“We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and all the staff at Torre Primary School for making our son’s transition into a new school such a smooth and positive experience.

We are so pleased with the progress he has made since joining Year 2 and this is down to the excellent support from Mrs Julyan, Mrs Wain, Mrs Squibb, and both Mrs Harkers, this along with fantastic communication between school and home.

We felt it was important to let you know how grateful we are. We wish you all a relaxing half term”.