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Why your child matters to us


“Our mission at Torre is to create an environment where God’s children have the right to grow, learn, feel safe and be happy. We respect and look after each other in the way that God has taught us.”


We “Live life in all its fullness.” John 10:10.

Everything we do at Torre is aligned to our school vision ‘We live life in all its fullness.’ Everyone in the school community has been invited to think about what our school vision means to them. This is the outcome:


What our vision means to pupils:

‘A safe place where we can learn as a team and be happy, knowing who we can talk to if there is a problem. We should take every opportunity we are given to learn as much as we can and to help us to live our lives the best way we can.’


What our vision means to parents:

‘Our children grow to be happy and confident individuals in a caring environment, by focusing on their academic goals and developing their character strengths. They can contribute to society, respect each other’s individuality and treat each other with kindness.’


What our vision means to staff and governors:

‘Our school is a welcoming, friendly and thriving working and learning environment for all. Everyone’s opinions are heard and contributions acknowledged. People are treated equitably, and their performance is managed effectively.’

Torre is part of the ‘Thrive‘ programme, which supports children with gaps in their emotional ‘building blocks‘. We have staff trained in identifying suitable children for the programme and also guide and encourage these pupils on a day to day basis. We believe it is important to teach all our children to understand their emotional health and well-being and how they can help themselves when they are struggling to manage their emotions.

This programme is run in partnership with you as parents/carers.

All staff at Torre believe in helping your child achieve his/her potential, in every way – not just the academic. We support each child’s journey in becoming a responsible and caring individual who is kind, respectful and supportive of others.



Our vision is underpinned by our school gateways and values; Citizenship, Expression, Explorers, Leadership and Flourishing

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