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Our Pupil Chaplains


The Pupil Chaplains are a group of Year 6 pupils who are linked as representatives to each class throughout the school. During weekly meetings, the pupils plan how they might support the development of Torre as a church school, looking for opportunities for worship and also encouraging the participation of others in response to our worship or reflections.

The Children:

  • Support our local church once a month with their Sunday family service, finding opportunities to link what we are doing in school with our church and community. 

  • Wear a different uniform to the other pupils to ensure they are identifiable. 

  • Take part in whole school worship, reading their own prayers and Bible readings.

  • Lead their own Collective Worship, based around our school values.

  • Encourage their peers and teachers to consider our school values in all areas of the curriculum.

  • Develop a relationship with their linked class and work to ensure they deliver engaging, age-appropriate opportunities for worship and reflection.

  • Support our school pupils and staff to uphold the Christian values at all times.

  • Apply and interview to become a Pupil Chaplin and if successful, they wear a different school jumper to ensure they are easily identifiable by our community.

  • Keep a journal to support their linked class to look back and reflect upon their learning during class worship.


The group are currently working towards:

  • Helping class members to develop a reflective worship area within each classroom.

  • Increasing the local communities involvement with our local Parish Church.

To hear more about our work, listen and watch some of the interviews we have been a part of. 



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