School Meals and Milk

We pride ourselves on the quality of the meals we provide here at Torre. All our food is freshly cooked on site in our kitchen with the menu rotating on a three week basis. Each meal is balanced for nutritional content within national guidelines. We offer a flexible menu with a hot lunch or jacket potato options for £2.40 per day. Children from Reception to Year 2 will have a meal provided each day at Torre under the Universal Free School Meal Scheme. Nursery children will be able to purchase a hot meal at a reduced rate of £2 per day.

At Torre, it is expected that all children from R – Yr2 will have a school meal. Children in R – Yr 2 do not bring in their own lunches.

Even though all R-Yr2 children will receive a free meal, if you are entitled to Free School Meals – you still must register this with the school. Part of Torre’s funding is through a grant called Pupil Premium and children registered for Free School Meals, are counted as part of this grant.

Families receiving Income Support/Income Based Jobseekers Allowance or a TC602 Inland Revenue tax credit award notice should qualify for free school meals. Details may be obtained from the school administrator.

It is really important that you register for a free school meal, even if you do not take one as this effects our school budget!!

For pupils in Key Stage 2 who would like to purchase a school meal this should be booked and paid for online, via School Money in advance. Pupils in Key Stage 2 who are eligible for free school meals, will continue to get a free meal and you can choose whether you would like them to have the hot meal or jacket potato option.

From April 2019 all meals, whether you are eligible for Free School Meals, the Universal Free School Meal Scheme or paying for school lunches, must be booked in advance through the online School Money system. Bookings can be made up till midnight the night before. Please ensure your child knows what you have booked for them each morning as they cannot change their mind on the day. Any problems with accessing this system please call the office where we will be happy to help you.

We expect children to use good table manners while eating their meal. It really helps if you teach your children how to use a knife and fork correctly before they start school.

Please see below for our menu.

menu sep 22 torre (1).pdf
Allergy and Dietary Requirements Form.pdf
Our school milk scheme.docx