Year 6 at Heatree 22/23

Welcome to the Heatree 22/23 page w/b 12.9.22! Here you can see all our latest activities. We will try to update this once or twice a day with all the fun and thrills of the residential centre.


Having left at 1030am this morning, we arrived at Heatree at 1145am. A spot of lunch and some activities to start our stay. Two of the groups took part in some challenging problem solving challenges in 'Tamakale Island' and the other half started on the high ropes. We have had pasta bake and garlic bread for dinner followed by helpings of apple crumble with custard! Sorry for the intermittent photos and updates but we can only do so when the WiFi allows. Until tomorrow...


First wake up call for the children this morning. Not many needed waking up! You should see some breakfast on the photos today where they filled themselves up with toast, cereal and yogurt. Each group has taken part in different activities today. Some have taken part in 'Low Adventure', 'Wilderness Walk' and 'Freshwater Study'. Lots of walking and fresh air. Chicken pie for dinner this evening.


Another fun day of activities and the weather has turned for the better! All photos from Tuesday have finally uploaded and we have started on todays. Half of the children have taken part in 'Freshwater Study' and 'Archery' and the other half in 'Archery' and 'Low Adventure'. We have a new King and Queen of the wing as well who will reign supreme for the rest of our stay. We are off to the sports hall tonight for some traversing along the climbing wall, some football and swings on the field and to finish off the film we started last night. Miss Chew's Heatree famous quiz might also make an appearance. Sausage, chips and beans are on the menu this evening. Half way there!