Year 6 at Heatree 21/22

Thursday Update

Good evening. The week has flown by and we will back tomorrow! You should have received a text message/email about pick up from school. Today, we have taken part in the last activity from the round of activities that we have missed. Some have become archers, some scrambling over rocks and others becoming future cyclists. This afternoon has meant that we have been altogether completing 'Mission Impossible' (orienteering and raft building). Our final dinner tonight was roast turkey, with lashings of ice cream for dessert. We are looking forward to returning, but not before a few party games tonight!

This is the final update from Heatree. We will attempt to upload limited photos tomorrow but may not be able to.

Wednesday Update

Another fun-filled day at Heatree! The weather and morning sunrise has been spectacular today. Our adventures today have taken us on the highest ropes, the lowest of adventures (including a lot of mud!), scrambling upon rocks at Hound Tor and cycling around the site. The cooks prepared a good old-fashioned sausage and chips this evening, with double helpings of chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce. Some chose to attend the sports hall tonight, others stayed in the living room to amuse themselves. We are now snuggled up, watching a film with flapjack and hot chocolate on the way. It is movie night. What would movie night be without popcorn... Enjoy our pictures and we will check in again tomorrow. Halfway there.

Tuesday Update

The children had a really good nights sleep (hopefully more of the same tonight!) We have enjoyed mountain biking, low adventure, bushcraft and rock scrambling today. Please check out our photos to see what the activities have been like (please note that we upload these when we can and when the WiFi allows us!). Tonight, it is quiz night! Further update tomorrow.

Monday Update!

We have arrived safe and sound. This afternoon, we have been taking part in either Archery or Bushcraft activities. Also, we have been playing on the playing field. Our evening will consist of time in the sports hall and playing games in the living room. Pictures to follow later this evening when we have a little more time. Here they are!