School Council

We want Torre’s pupils to have a say in what happens at our school and to make it a happy, safe and forward thinking community. Through the school council, we hope that the children at Torre know that they are listened to and that each individual has an important role to play in our school.

The school council at Torre has been running since 1993 and has been instrumental in making many improvements.

What is a School Council?

A school council is a group of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all children to improve their school. Each year voting takes place for the children who have campaigned to be elected to the School Council.

What do we do?

The school council meets to discuss and sort out problems and ideas. These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.

Members of the school council are responsible for gathering ideas and representing the views of their class mates.

How our school council is elected

We want our children to take an active part in being citizens of the school community, whilst learning about the fundamental British value of democracy. At the beginning of each school year we hold elections. Any child from year one to six can nominate themselves. They write a manifesto and hust to encourage children in their class to vote for them. There is one representative from each class. Reception is represented by a year six child.

The timetable for elections this year were:

Monday 14thSeptember – Friday 18th September – Hustings in class

Wednesday 23rdSeptember – Secret ballot in class.

Wednesday 30th September -New School Council representatives announced via video.

2020/21– School Council Representatives

Upper KS2

Emily, Mia and Logan

Lower KS2

George, Isabelle, Ivy and Maya


Isabelle, Holly and Echo

Representing Reception class

Anya and Jude

School Council Roles

The Chairperson – George for Autumn Term

I am the Chairperson in charge of the School Council. I help decide on the agenda – a list of items for discussion. I run the meetings making sure everyone has a chance to have their say. I make sure that decisions are agreed fairly and that a majority of Councillors support the decisions. I try to make sure that we discuss everything that is on the agenda and that meetings keep to time.

Deputy Chairperson – Mia for Autumn Term

I am the Deputy Chairperson. I am an elected Councillor from one of the classes and I help the Chairperson decide on the agenda for the meetings. I stand in for the Chairperson or secretary if either of them is absent from the School Council meetings.

Secretary – Logan

I am the School Council secretary chosen by the Council to write the minutes for each meeting, these are a record of the most important points raised, any decisions made and how these decisions were reached. We make sure that each Councillor has a copy of the minutes so that they can report back to their classes. We are responsible for the School Council file and keep it safe and up to date – the minutes from each meeting are kept in it.

The Councillors

I am a Councillor who was elected by my class to represent them on the School Council. I suggest items for the school council to discuss based on what my class raises in circle time or class councils. I also feedback our discussions and any decisions made by the School Council to my class. I sometimes take on particular tasks for the school council if we are working on a special project.

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School Council Presentation
School Council - Autumn Term Update.pdf
School Council - Summer Term Update.pdf