Eco Warriors

At the beginning of each academic year each class elects 2 representatives for Eco-Warriors. The Eco-Warriors have an active role in school. They raise awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to be good at recycling and saving energy. We encourage good habits for the future, being an Eco-Warrior is an extremely important job and is one to be very proud of.

Ongoing Projects at Torre


  • Paper and card

  • Batteries

  • Printer cartridges

  • Food waste

Saving Energy

  • Switching off lights

  • Switching off ICT equipment, rather than leaving it on standby

  • Closing doors to keep heat in

  • Solar panels in new build

Conserving Resources

  • Water saving

  • Taking care of our equipment so that it lasts longer

  • Using resources in a way that minimises waste

  • Second hand uniform sale

Care for the Environment

  • Encourage walking to school instead of travelling by car, monitoring with Junior Road Safety Officers

  • Use litter bins and recycling when we can to keep our school environment and our local area clean

  • Designing our forest schools area to be a rich habitat for wildlife

  • At school we try to use local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint

We have achieved our Bronze award and are well on our way to gain the Silver award. Please help us to do this, if you have any ideas, please speak to your class Eco-Warrior and they will bring ideas to our club every Wednesday.

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