VISION: We “Live life in all its fullness.” John 10:10.

VALUES: Pray, Potential, Praise, Persevere, Pride, Peace

At Torre, we ensure that all that we do in our curriculum is in alignment with our school vision of We “Live life in all its fullness.” We want our children to leave us with the academic knowledge they need, but also skills for life and to support them in the next stage of their education. We have a responsibility to instill in our pupils the desire to want to serve and to do positive things with their own lives as well as helping others to do the same.

We are currently working on updating our curriculum to ensure that there is a suitable progression in Knowledge, Skills and Understanding as the children move up through the school. We are using progression which has been created by Focus Education. This forms the starting point of any block of planning for each curriculum subject. The curriculum content is designed with our context and school vision in mind.

To prepare our children for the future and support their learning, each child in KS2 has a Google Chromebook. In KS1 and EYFS, they use iPads to help. We began working with Google in September 2019 and feel proud that we were in a strong position to implement remote learning when Covid hit.

There is an expectation that children will acquire ‘sticky knowledge’, which are key learning facts which we identify when planning a block. We hope the children will be able to learn these and be able to recall prior learning and make links in their learning between subjects. We have had whole staff training on how to improve children’s memory skills. Children will be given a quiz or other suitable task to assess what sticky knowledge has been retained at the end of each block.

All curriculum subjects have regular and discrete sessions timetabled in. The new and developing progression in Knowledge, Skills and Understanding will ensure that teaching in these subjects is pitched appropriately.

Subject Leaders have created ‘subject overviews’, which explain what learning looks like in their subject area across the school. This will include the progression in knowledge, understanding and skills, information about assessment, how the subject promotes British Values and an overview of the topics covered in the curriculum. In time there will be accompanying knowledge mats to go with each subject for every year group in these documents displaying key vocabulary and ‘sticky knowledge’ to be acquired. These are a ‘work in progress’ and will be developed as we progress through our two year rolling programme. The knowledge mats will be added here as they are produced.

In the meantime, we have shared our Knowledge, Skills and Understanding progression documents for your reference and a basic overview of themes covered across the two year rolling programme.

Running alongside the academic curriculum is our focus on skills development, which will equip our children with the necessary skills in the work place. For this we will continue to use ‘Skills Builder’ (formerly ‘Enabling Enterprise’) in Key Stage 2 and Year 2 and Achievasaurs in EYFS/Y1.

The Achievosaurs are:

SOLVEOSAURUS REX – I can solve problems and improve (based on T. rex the most famous dinosaur of all)

TRYCERATOPS – I try new things, don’t give up and work really hard (based on Triceratops, a very well known horned dinosaur with three horns)

STICKOSAURUS – I stick at tasks and persevere (based on Stegosaurus a popular, plant eating dinosaur with plates on its back)

THINKODOCUS – I think carefully about what I learn (based on the big, plant-eating dinosaur called Diplodocus)

SHAREOSAURUS – I share my ideas and can work well with others (based on the Spinosaurus)

The Enabling Enterprise Skills are:



Problem Solving


Staying Positive

Aiming High



At Torre, we believe that our curriculum should enable all children to learn, achieve their potential.

The staff at this school is committed to raising standards and providing the best education for the pupils in the school, within the Christian ethos.

Some other key points about the curriculum at Torre:

* We follow the National Curriculum 2014.

* Our children are all encouraged to learn from their mistakes and they know that making mistakes is a good thing because they are learning. We enjoy celebrating our ‘favourite mistakes’ as we develop a ‘Growth Mindset’.

*We are a Google school.

* Pupils are proud to be growing up in modern Britain and we do our best to prepare them for life in a modern and democratic society.

* Many of our exciting learning experiences are based on real life experiences and there is a purpose to the learning.

* Maths, RWE, computing (programming), PE are not linked unless there are obvious and meaningful links for learning.

* There are planned opportunities to develop and extend maths and English skills across the curriculum.

* Story-telling is our key strategy for teaching the skills of writing.

* Handwriting is taught at least 3x weekly.

* Read Write Inc is the key driver for the teaching of phonics/spelling.

* Reading is taught through our phonics programme in Key Stage 1. In Key Stage 2, reading is taught as a whole class lesson. In addition to discrete teaching of reading, there are many opportunities for reading across the curriculum.

* Poetry is read to children. As well as poetry, in the EYFS, traditional rhymes and songs and Nursery rhymes are routinely part of everyday activities.

* Pupils are encouraged to read for pleasure and the children at Torre have a love of books.

* PSHE is taught as a discrete lesson each week, preparing children to be active responsible citizens, where they learn the skills to make their own decisions about choices in their lives as they grow up.

Please click on the link for our Curriculum Documents.